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Accelerate sales success with Dubai’s best WhatsApp CRM

Tired of juggling separate chat apps and CRM software? A WhatsApp CRM is the solution! This innovative platform seamlessly integrates WhatsApp, This lets salespeople directly connect with leads and customers through WhatsApp, while keeping all interactions organized and tracked within the CRM.

Turn WhatsApp chats into winning opportunities, manage leads, automate tasks, provide exceptional customer service, and boost sales with our WhatsApp CRM.

Best CRM Software with WhatsApp integration for small business in UAE

WhatsApp CRM, an all-in-one sales partner for UAE Businesses

WhatsApp CRM software acts as a bridge between the messaging platform and your existing CRM system. This integration allows businesses to seamlessly manage all customer interactions directly on WhatsApp, a familiar and convenient channel for most users. This not only streamlines communication but unlocks a treasure trove of benefits.

Sales teams can leverage WhatsApp CRM to automate lead capture, nurture leads through chatbots, and close deals faster. Marketing efforts receive a boost through targeted broadcast messaging campaigns, reaching a wider audience with higher engagement. Customer service representatives can provide real-time support and address inquiries directly on WhatsApp, fostering stronger customer relationships and boosting satisfaction.

Furthermore, WhatsApp CRM software offers valuable analytics and reporting, providing businesses with insights into customer behavior and interactions, allowing them to refine their strategies and optimize communication for continued success.

WhatsApp CRM : Capture, Converse, Convert Like Never Before

Auto-capture leads

Leverage AI-driven WhatsApp chatbots to automatically answer FAQs and customer inquiries.

Instant selling with WhatsApp catalog

Promote products and services through catalog and enable your customers to make instant purchases.

Send messages in bulk

Leverage the best sales CRM to promote deals and discounts. Schedule and send WhatsApp broadcasts effortlessly.

Provide 24/7 support with AI chatbots

Leverage AI-driven WhatsApp chatbots to automatically answer FAQs and customer inquiries.

Reply in seconds with message templates

Expedite sales communication with interactive, customisable WhatsApp message templates.

Automate with WhatsApp Flows

Automatically capture leads, enable easy appointment bookings, and do much more with WhatsApp Flows.

Get insights with dashboard

Monitor and analyze response and resolution time, broadcast performance, and other metrics with message dashboard.

Easy WhatsApp automation

Set up automatic alerts, reminders, and responses to customer messages.

capture and convert leads with WhatsApp CRM

With Pepper Cloud Sales CRM software

One account, multiple agents

WhatsApp on landline

No hidden Charges

24/7 Support

Why choose CRM with WhatsApp integration?

WhatsApp sales

Close deals faster by having real-time conversations with your customers, sharing brochures and other media files, and converting leads into customers.

WhatsApp marketing

Promote products with catalogs, send targeted messages, broadcast promotional messages and reach a wider audience with the best WhatsApp marketing software.

WhatsApp support

Provide exceptional customer support through personalized interactions. Support customers via WhatsApp groups and respond instantly to queries with message templates.

WhatsApp automation

Automatically capture leads. Auto-respond to messages with Assist AI chatbot. Streamline operations with workflow automation.

WhatsApp CRM for UAE Businesses

WhatsApp CRM for your business growth in Dubai & UAE

Unify your communications using CRM with WhatsApp integration. Manage sales chats, marketing messages, and customer support inquiries all from one central hub. No more hopping between different platforms!.

Streamline sales with real-time conversations using CRM and messaging channel integrations.

Close deals quicker with the powerful features. This streamlines your sales process and empowers you to move leads through the funnel faster.

 Allows you to provide exceptional, personalized support to your customers through engaging conversations on their preferred channel, WhatsApp.

Analyze your sales processes and strategies and get actionable insights to drive sales.

WhatsApp CRM for your business growth in Dubai & UAE

Power up your business using CRM with WhatsApp integration


Open rate


Deal closing rate


More revenue generation


More conversation rate

Benefits of WhatsApp CRM tool

Close deals faster with real-time communication and improved lead management.

Provide exceptional customer service through personalized interactions and faster response times.

Automate tasks, streamline workflows, and empower your team to focus on what matters most—closing deals.

 Eliminate the need for expensive communication tools and simplify your sales process.

  •  It scales with your business, enabling you to effectively manage a growing customer base.


 It empowers businesses to leverage the popularity of WhatsApp for enhanced customer interactions, sales, and marketing. It acts as a bridge between your existing CRM system and your business WhatsApp account.

Here’s how it works:

  • Connects WhatsApp to CRM: It seamlessly integrates your WhatsApp with your CRM, creating a central hub for all your customer interactions. No more switching between platforms!
  • Streamlines Communication: Manage all your conversations directly within your CRM, saving time and simplifying communication.
  • Boosts Sales & Marketing:It unlocks features like automated lead nurturing, targeted marketing campaigns, and faster deal closure – all through WhatsApp.
  • Enhances Customer Service: Provide quicker response times, personalized service, and efficient complaint resolution through the familiar and convenient platform of WhatsApp. With Pepper Cloud, a CRM with WhatsApp integration, businesses can effortlessly handle leads, promptly respond to messages using templates, schedule broadcasts, deliver interactive messages, launch marketing campaigns, and undertake various other tasks efficiently.
    leading to happier customers.

Regular CRMs often lack integration with popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp. WhatsApp CRM bridges this gap, allowing you to manage customer interactions and leverage advanced features directly within the CRM. 

Integrating a CRM system with WhatsApp enables businesses to deliver personalized customer service, streamline their sales processes, and track all customer interactions on a single platform. With features like message templates, automated replies, chatbots, and tagging, businesses can significantly enhance their sales and marketing strategies

If all the prerequisites are ready, a CRM for WhatsApp can be set up within a few hours.

Yes, you can use your existing number for Pepper Cloud WhatsApp CRM. Additionally, it’s possible to set up your WhatsApp account with a landline number and integrate it with the CRM.

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