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Geofencing Attendance

Seamless control and mobility and accurate attendance tracking with palgeo Geofencing Attendance Management System based on Geofencing technology, location-based tracking with software and mobile App

attendance Management system with geofencing technology

Geofencing Attendance

Geofencing Attendance Management System is an advanced solution designed to streamline and optimize the process of tracking and managing attendance for organizations. Palgeo provides this cutting-edge system leverages the power of Geofencing technology to provide seamless real-time efficiency in attendance Management.

It enables accurate location-based tracking using geofencing technology through a user-friendly mobile app and advanced software. With this innovative solution, businesses can effortlessly manage employee attendance, automate timekeeping processes, and extract valuable insights to make informed decisions. The result is heightened productivity and improved workforce management, offering a significant advantage in today’s competitive landscape.

Geofencing attendance mobile app

Takes Only 30 Minutes to Setup

Why Geofencing attendance system is unique

Streamline Attendance with Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App and Attendance Management Software. A user-friendly Attendance Management System and related software simplify attendance tracking for both remote and in-office employees. Say goodbye to manual processes and compliance paperwork, giving you more time to focus on your team.

Our innovative software ensures error-free attendance monitoring with just a quick glance. As remote work becomes the norm, our real-time app-based solutions cater to your needs. Save time, streamline attendance, and support your team’s growth with ease.

Geofencing attendance with a dedicated mobile application

geofencing attendance with dedicated mobile app

Our Geofencing Attendance Management Software enables all the attendance related activities to be performed using a smart mobile Application

Attendance management with Mobile App

Geofencing Attendance-Features

which increases work flexibility and efficiency, increases institutional profitability, strengthens faculty & staff security and

Geofencing software enables you to create multiple Geofences within your company campus.

Automatic Check OUT & Idle Time Alert on exiting assigned location for longer than assigned leave time

This facility of Stop points for various meetings and real-time report and document submission

Kiosk Check-In incase of absence of APP devices and forgotten mobiles

This technology utilizes facial recognition software to identify and authenticate individuals in real-time.

Beacons are compact, energy-efficient devices that employ Bluetooth technology 

Allowing monitoring Entry & Exit of Employees.
Automatic Check OUT when Employees Exit do not Re-Enter within prescribed .

Biometric, face recognition, and RFID are distinct methods utilized for identification and authentication.

 Process that allows organizations or institutions to track and manage attendance data without relying on a continuous internet connection

“No-click payroll” refers to a payroll processing system that is fully automated and requires minimal human intervention.

Additional Features

  1. Hierarchy Based Leave Request And Approval.
  2. Dashboard /Cart View
  3. Advanced Management & Reporting
  4.  Dynamic Secured QR Check-IN
  5. Advanced Management & Reportining.
  6. E- Circular For Email And Attached Document

GPS Based Attendance Tracking

Geofencing Attendance benefits

Enhanced Business Tracking Across 100+ Industries with Geofencing Attendance Management Software

the industries where geofencing attendance work

Engineering and Construction


Health care




How the geofencing attaendance works

Activate Your Account

Step 1: Enter your contact information to create your account.

Step 2: Choose the best subscription plan that suits your needs.

Step 3: Register your organization if applicable.

Step 4: Complete the activation process.

Set Up and Manage Account

Step 1: Choose between “Master Data Setup” or “Mirror Organization Setup” to configure your account’s foundation.

Step 2: Setup data for Console Alerts and Location Mapping to enable tracking and monitoring features.

Step 3: Import Employee and Designation data from CSV files to populate your account with relevant information.

Step 4: Configure Geofence and Virtual Parameters to establish boundaries and customize parameters for your account.

Roll Out Application

Step 1: Roll Out Application Deploy the application to all employees .

Step 2. Employees should download the mobile app onto their smartphones or tablets.

Step 3:  Guide employees to set up facial recognition within the mobile app 

Step 4:  Employees can now start logging their work hours using the mobile app. 

Step 5 Monitor and track employee work hours and attendance through the application’s backend system.




For 1-50 Employees

Includes all the premium Features


For 51-250 Employees

Includes all the premium Features


For 250+ Employees

Includes all the premium Features

Contact us to discover the suitable plan for your business.

Case studies Of geofencing attendance

Audi Coimbatore, a busy car showroom, faced challenges in keeping track of its employees’ attendance, both in the office and during their travels. They needed a better system than the old fingerprint biometric method, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Office employees had to stand in long queues to mark their attendance, which was time-consuming. Field employees had no way to mark their attendance, and HR had to rely on calls and messages to track them. Manual data entry for attendance records was a tedious task, and monitoring employees’ movements and tasks was difficult.

Audi’s sales team also struggled to validate their on-duty check-ins and check-outs. Managers and HR had to handle many employee requests and approvals manually. Shift changes and work status monitoring were challenging, and managers needed real-time data.

To solve these problems, Audi implemented the geofencing app:

1. **Real-Time Attendance**: Employees could now mark their attendance using face recognition on the app, which was touchless and COVID-compliant.

2. **OTP Verification**: Management could verify attendance with OTPs sent to employees, ensuring accuracy.

3. **Multi-Location Check-In/Out**: Geofences were set up around the office and project sites to track employee check-ins and check-outs. QR codes and MPINs allowed offline check-ins and check-outs.

4. **Shift Notifications**: The app sent automatic alerts to managers or HR regarding productive and unproductive time. Shift timings and changes could be viewed and updated on the app.

5. **Geofence Attendance**: Sales employees’ check-ins at appointment locations were tracked, and GPS alerts were sent.

6. **Complete Dashboard**: Managers and HR could manage tasks, view alerts, and monitor employee activities on the dashboard.

The results were impressive:

-Replaced the old biometric system with face recognition, saving on hardware costs.
– Attendance records for all employees were easily managed on a single app.
– Field employees’ activities were efficiently tracked.
– Detailed reports and real-time updates were available through the app.
– Attendance and tracking management became automated.

In short, geofencing app helped Audi Coimbatore streamline attendance tracking, improve efficiency, and enhance employee management.

Lifestyle Housing, a prominent housing developer in India, faced several challenges in managing employee attendance across multiple project locations and their head office. These challenges were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and outdated attendance systems.


1. **Multiple Locations**: Lifestyle Housing had numerous project sites and a head office, making it difficult to track employee attendance accurately.

2. **Outdated Biometrics**: The head office used a fingerprint biometric system, leading to long queues and potential health risks during the pandemic.

3. **Manual Attendance**: Project locations lacked technical means to record attendance, requiring HR to rely on manual data entry or project supervisors to mark attendance.

4. **Cumbersome Data Entry**: Real-time check-in and check-out data had to be manually entered into HR software, creating a time-consuming and tedious process.

5. **Monitoring Movements**: Keeping track of employee movements, return times, and site visits was challenging, often requiring site supervisors to make manual visits.

6. **Sales Team Validation**: The sales team struggled to validate their on-duty check-ins and check-outs.

7. **Managerial Requests**: Managers and officials had to handle multiple employee requests and approvals daily.

8. **Shift Management**: Shift changes and announcements were laborious, involving manual communication.

9. **Data for Higher Officials**: Providing comprehensive employee data and alerts to higher officials required a solution.

**Solution with Our Features**:

1. **Real-Time Stats**: Lifestyle Housing adopted the geofencing app, offering easy face validation for 100% accurate attendance.

2. **CCTV Check-In/Out**: The app integrated with CCTV systems, using AI-based face recognition to log attendance and alert management about unrecognized individuals.

3. **Multi-Location Check-In/Out**: Geofences were established at the head office and project sites, notifying supervisors and managers of employee check-ins and check-outs. QR codes and MPINs enabled offline attendance recording.

4. **Shift Announcements**: Managers and supervisors could communicate non-repeat, daily, and weekly tasks, along with start and end times, through the  app. They also received significant alerts through an AI and BI-based dashboard.

5. **Geofence Attendance**: Sales employees’ field check-ins were tracked via GPS, providing real-time data on employee activities and travel logs.


– Lifestyle Housing transitioned from biometrics to face recognition for attendance, saving time and resources.
– Employee attendance, both in the field and at the office, became more efficiently tracked.
– Detailed dashboards and real-time updates improved decision-making.
– The app generated accurate and comprehensive activity reports.
– Attendance and tracking management became fully automated.

In summary,  geofencing app enabled Lifestyle Housing to streamline attendance management, enhance efficiency, and provide detailed insights into employee activities, all while adapting to touchless and COVID-compliant methods.


An attendance management system is a software tool or application that aids organizations in monitoring and managing their employees’ attendance. It offers a centralized platform for recording and tracking working hours, leave requests, and other attendance-related data. The system can utilize different methods, such as biometric devices, facial recognition, RFID cards, or mobile apps, to record attendance. By using this system, businesses can streamline attendance tracking, reduce manual work, and effectively manage employee attendance records.

Geofencing is a location-based technology that uses GPS or RFID to create virtual boundaries around a specific geographical area. It allows businesses or applications to set up virtual perimeters or “fences” around real-world locations. When a mobile device or asset equipped with geofencing capabilities enters or exits these predefined boundaries, the system can trigger specific actions, such as sending notifications, alerts, or automated tasks

An attendance management system efficiently records and manages employee attendance using various methods like biometric devices, facial recognition, RFID cards, or mobile apps. It offers real-time monitoring, leave management, and generates reports for better workforce management. Notifications and alerts can also be set up based on predefined rules. It’s a valuable tool for organizations to track attendance effectively and transparently.

A biometric attendance management system uses unique physical or behavioral characteristics like fingerprints or facial features to record and manage employee attendance accurately, preventing buddy punching and improving security.

Geofencing attendance tracking uses GPS technology to set up virtual boundaries around specific locations. When employees enter or leave these predefined areas, their attendance is automatically recorded. This system eliminates the need for physical time clocks and provides an efficient and automated way to track employee attendance based on their location.

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