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Tally Customization Services in Dubai,UAE
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Tally customization Services means changing the Tally accounting software to fit a particular business better.We are providing tally customization for Tally Prime and  Tally ERP.

Tally prime customization in UAE

Tally customization services in Dubai &UAE

Xedos Technologies LLC is the trusted Silver Partner for Tally. The Tally prime and Tally  Customization services in the Dubai and across UAE. Our commitment to excellence shines through as we offer a comprehensive range of services, including renewals, upgrades, and customization of Tally solutions. With our expert team and deep industry knowledge, we ensure that your Tally software remains up-to-date and tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Tally(Tally Prime 3.0) is a fully customizable, we provide Tally customization services in Dubai, UAE Whether you require Tally Prime customization or traditional Tally customization solutions, our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way and versatile business software solution that simplifies financial management with extensive customization options. With built-in functionalities for Corporate/VAT compliance, automated tax calculations, and streamlined invoicing, it ensures hassle-free operations.

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Common Tally customization Services

  1. Planet Tax free integration with Tally
  2. IMEI/Serial Number Management
  3. Ledger, Group &Voucher security with audit Trail
  4. Scheduled Cloud Backup API based
  5. Tally with woo commerce Integration
  6. Tally on cloud
  7. on-premise cloud.
  8. Custom Development.
  9. Customize Tally Invoices
  10. Tally sales invoice customization
  11. Tally reports customization

Selected Customers will get free modules worth of 500 AED

Grab OfferContact:+971 56 58 4746

Ready Modules For Tally Prime Customization


  • Auto Receipt on Sales
  • Auto Payment on Purchase
  • Excel to Tally Master, Transaction Import
  • Print Bar Code From tally
  • Bill of Material (MultiBOM) Import from Excel
  • Price List Import fromExcel
  • Auto Backup Schedule
  • SMS Module
  • Cloud database integration
  • Auto PDF with each creation and Alteration of voucher
  • Auto Email with each creation of voucher


  • Bank Reconciled Date (Bank date) In DayBook & Ledger Report.
  • Cost Center Opening Balance
  • Detailed Balance Sheet  & Profit Loss
  • Batch voucher posting
  • Item Group wise Inventory Total in Invoice
  • Party Previous Balance on Voucher
  • Terms & Condition Print on Voucher
  • Ledger Address on Email Ids report
  • Ledger wise Godown wise Item sales Report


  • Stock Item Budgeting
  • IMEI management
  • Sales Man wise sales Report
  • Auto Mobile Dealers
  • Employee Profile Picture
  • Address Book
  • Document Attachment with Voucher
  • Document Attachment with Ledger & Item.
  • Voucher Print
  • Voucher Modifications
  • MRQ / Job work Management
  • Outstanding Follow up


  • Voucher Creation & Alteration History
  • Ledger Creation & Alteration History
  • User level Voucher Type wise Back Days Control
  • Multiple Data Location
  • User Wise Group Ledger control.
  • Single Step Voucher Authorization.
  • Multi Step voucher Authorization
  • Read only mode of Voucher
  • User Wise Day Book
  • Ledger Approval
  • Stop Negative Item Billing

Tally customization services

Tally Software Services(TSS)Customizing Tally  enables you to greatly enhance your business operations. Tally Prime’s TDL (Tally Definition Language) customization modules undergo continuous updates and enhancements.

Customize Tally to match your unique business needs. Utilize TDL (Tally Definition Language) for tailored solutions at competitive rates.

Access over 1000+ pre-made TDLs for customizing Tally modules. This powerful Tally customization software empowers you to adjust, personalize, and improve Tally’s features to align with your specific business requirements.

There are also ready-made customized modules


Manage multiple companies effortlessly, protect your data with robust security measures, and gain valuable insights through customizable reports and analytics.Scale as your business grows, integrate with other applications, and collaborate remotely with our Tally Prime customization service in UAE. Tally is tailored to  fully customize and optimize your operations and drive your business forward..

Important Tally customization modules

This basic module in Tally enables users to create a master record for each salesman. They can then select the relevant salesman when creating an Invoice or Credit Note voucher. This module provides the capability to generate reports such as Salesman-wise Outstanding, Item Sales Report, and Collection Report.

The customized AutoBackup feature in Tally Prime enables users to set up their own backup system. With this feature, Tally Prime can automatically create backup copies in specific folders based on the date and time stamp. Users can schedule these automated backups to occur at three different specified times, making it convenient to safeguard their data on either their local disk or a network drive.

The Voucher approval module in Tally UAE enables users to specify which vouchers require approval before they can be processed in the TallyPrime application. This is done through the Security Control feature. Vouchers that are configured for approval are grouped in a separate register. The Authorized Manager or Supervisor has the authority to review and approve these vouchers before they are officially recorded in the books of accounts.

The Import Data Tool module in Tally enables users to effortlessly bring in essential master data such as the Chart of Accounts, Customer master, Supplier Master with Bill-wise Opening Balances, Item list along with opening balances and prices, directly from Excel spreadsheets or CSV files. This can be done with just a few simple clicks.

The Barcode Printing solution in Tally lets users create Barcode labels on A4 paper or continuous label rolls. Users can print these barcodes at either the Item Master Level or when entering Receipt Notes and Purchase Invoices. They have the flexibility to customize the label by specifying which fields should appear, such as Item code, Description, and Price, making it easier to manage and track their inventory efficiently.

You can personalize voucher templates according to your specific needs. These templates can be designed to fit on a letterhead or plain paper, and you can even embed your logo into them. Additionally, we offer customization services for preprinted continuous stationery designed for Dot Matrix Printers, available in both A4 and A5 paper sizes. This customization allows you to have vouchers that align perfectly with your branding and printing preferences.

The File Attachment module in TallyPrime provides users with the capability to attach scanned documents, such as invoice copies, statutory documents, item catalogues, etc., to the vouchers they enter in the system. This feature allows for easy document management and retrieval. With just a simple click of a button, users can access the specific document they need from within the TallyPrime system, streamlining the process of referencing and organizing important files.

In Tally Prime, you have the flexibility to customize invoices according to your specific business needs.Can customize design,QR code,digital signature,Logo Integration,Font and style,Vocher type,field etc

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Why choose to customization of Tally

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Tally Prime provides a user-friendly experience that is both easy to learn and even easier to use, ensuring a seamless invoicing process from the moment you set it up.

Insightful Reports

The potential of Tally Prime to access insightful and actionable reports. Designed to deliver to your unique requirements, these customizable reports offer valuable business intelligence, empowering you to make decisions with confidence.

Secure and Convenient Access

With TallyPrime, you have the flexibility to access your business reports from any web browser, regardless of your location, while ensuring the confidentiality and security of your data.

Tally Prime provides full customizable accounting features that align perfectly with your company’s unique financial management requirements.

Stay ahead of tax regulations with Tally Prime’s personalized VAT/CORPORATE TAX compliance tools .Tally Prime is a fully customizable and versatile business software solution that simplifies financial management with extensive customization options.

Effortlessly manage multiple companies under one Tally Prime installation, allowing you to maintain centralized control over your diverse business operations  and tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business and Tally prime’s full customization capabilities.

Optimize your inventory control processes with Tally Prime’s personalized inventory management system, tailored to match your specific inventory requirements and minimize stock wastage.

Effortlessly generate professional, fully customized invoices and billing statements that showcase your company’s distinct branding and encompass all essential information, perfectly tailored to impress and resonate with your valued clients..

Streamline your bank reconciliation tasks with Tally Prime’s comprehensive and customizable bank reconciliation features. These are specifically crafted to align with your company’s unique banking needs, guaranteeing precise financial records and making the process hassle-free. 

Generate custom reports and gain valuable insights into your company’s performance, thanks to Tally Prime’s full customizable reporting and analytics capabilities, tailored to focus on the key metrics and indicators that matter most to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Tally customization refers to the process of modifying the default version of Tally Prime to deliver to the unique requirements of businesses that go beyond the functionalities offered in the standard software.The above mentioned modifications are implemented using Tally Customization TDL (Tally Definition Language) or Tally Add-ons. These tools help users to customize and extend the capabilities of Tally Prime according to their individual preferences and business demands. Through TDL customization or the integration of Tally Add-ons, businesses can improve the software’s functionality and create a tailored accounting solution that perfectly fits their requirements. 

Yes, customization in Tally is possible through Xedos Technologies, an authorized partner. Xedos Technologies works closely with customers to understand their business processes, specific needs, and functions, and then deploys customized solutions accordingly

To customize a report in Tally, you can approach Xedos Technologies with your exact report requirements. Their expert team will carefully study your specific needs and conduct a gap analysis to identify the disparities between your requirements and the default product. 

Tally offers a wide range of customization possibilities, include document formats like invoices, voucher types, report layouts, and functionalities. This level of customization enables businesses to personalize Tally according to their specific needs and workflows. By adapting Tally to their unique requirements, businesses can optimize their accounting and financial management processes, making the software even more valuable  operations and generating accurate records.

Tally Customization is usually carried out by authorized partners or experts who possess extensive knowledge of Tally software and TDL programming. These professionals are well-versed in the  of Tally’s functionalities and are capable of creating tailored solutions that specially deliver to the specific needs of businesses. Their expertise ensures that the customization process is seamless and efficient, providing businesses with a customized Tally experience that enhances their financial management and accounting operations.

Tally Customization offers several benefits, including streamlining business processes, improving productivity, enhancing reporting capabilities, automating repetitive tasks, and enabling seamless integration with other software systems.

Absolutely, Tally Customization can be reversed if necessary. However, it is crucial to seek guidance from experts or authorized partners with proficiency in Tally customization to ensure a seamless transition and prevent any potential data or functionality issues. Their expertise will guarantee a safe and effective process, ensuring that businesses can revert to their original Tally settings without encountering any complications. Prior consultation with knowledgeable professionals is key to a successful and hassle-free customization reversal.

The time required for Tally Customization depends on the complexity of the customization requirements. Indeed, the time required for Tally Customization can vary depending on the complexity of the modifications. Simple adjustments may be completed relatively quickly, while more intricate customizations might demand a longer duration. To get a precise estimation, it is advisable to discuss the timeline with Tally customization experts or authorized partners. They can assess the  the customization project and provide accurate timelines, ensuring that businesses have a clear understanding of the expected duration for their specific customization needs.