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MAXHUB Interactive Panels for Education and Business in Dubai, UAE, and Across the Middle East

MAXHUB Interactive Flat Panels offer advanced features to enhance presentations, collaboration, and engagement for education and business in Dubai and across the UAE. As an authorized dealer, we provide these innovative panels at the best prices in Dubai and the UAE. Buy now to elevate your presentations and collaborations!

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MAXHUB Interactive Panel in Dubai

 Interactive smart display or Interactive Flat Panel solution by MAXHUB in UAE ,GCC and Africa combine the functionalities of Smart boards, Conferencing Display, whiteboards, advertising signage, computers, microphones, audio systems, and more. They are designed to meet the requirements of both in-person meetings and remote collaborations.

As the top dealer of MAXHUB in UAE, Xedos Technologies offers cutting-edge smart boards tailored for both educational and business purposes. With MAXHUB’s state-of-the-art technology, Xedos Technologies ensures seamless integration and superior performance, empowering users to enhance collaboration, productivity, and engagement in both classroom and corporate settings


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MAXHUB Interactive Panel- Educational Series


The immersive display for learning allows students to focus on the content rather than the display. This is made possible by the design’s slim bezels and thin body, resulting in a high screen-to-body ratio of approximately 89.

MAXHUB EDU series including 

MAXHUB Interactive Educational Panel Features

The Interactive display for education offers remarkable clarity throughout its operating system, thanks to its 4K resolution. This enhanced visual experience facilitates student engagement with the content.

Smart Illustration

A re-invented whiteboard 
recognizes the hand drawing and offers a wide range of illustration options

Handy Tools

A ruler, set square or
protractor at a single tip

Shapes Recognition

Automatically straightens 
the hand-drawn shapes

Instant Stickers

Add reminders to the whiteboard,
and put them in a corner

Smart Table

Auto-adaptive height and
width in each cell

Boundless Canvas

Extends the canvas in all

Handwriting Recognition

Convert handwriting to text
improve your board writing

Search & Drag

Search with whiteboard writing and drag the picture visual aids from the browser to the whiteboard.

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interactive smart whiteboard


Elevate your classroom experience with MAXHUB EDU OS interactive whiteboard software tailored for education. This powerful tool is crafted to assist in class preparation and presentation. With its wide array of class activity templates and subject-specific tools, EasiNote5 enhances student engagement and participation.


An easy to use software that provides powerful tools for educators engage with learners and achieve extraordinary learning outcome


A wireless screen mirroring software smooth streaming pc or mobile phone to a larger display supporting mirroring up to 9 screens to create collaborative space.


It provides organizations with a convenient and fast unified  management solutions build and efficient and real time equipment management system. 


A wireless screen mirroring software, smooth streaming pc or mobile phone to larger display

interactive screen display

Home Page Customization


Lock Screen


Screen Recording

MAXHUB Interactive Panel
Presentation and Collaboration

MAXHUB Interactive panel for meetings

Welcome to the future of dynamic and immersive presentations and collaborations with our cutting-edge  MAXHUB interactive Flat Panel screen. Designed to revolutionize the way you communicate and engage with your audience, this state-of-the-art technology combines advanced features and seamless interactivity to elevate your presentations to new heights.

MAXHUB Interactive Panel Collaboration Display

interactive collaboration display

Functional Integration

  • 95% screen-to-body ratio
  • All-in-one display
  • Plug-and-play simplicity

Privacy is the Priority

  • Flip camera
  • Screen-sharing based on AES 128bit and SM4

Never Miss a Thing

  • See Vividly
  • Be Heard Clearly

Sound Artist

  • Overhead speakers
    2 speakers and 2 subwoofers

Acoustic System

  • Echo Cancellation
  • AI Noise Cancellation
  • AI Voice Localization
    AGC (automatic gain control)

Life Write

A true-to-life writing experience that is intuitive and precise. By combining P-CAP touch technology 

Engaging Picture Clarity

  • 90% NTSC color gamut
  • △E≤2 high color accuracy display
  • Anti-glare tempered glass

More Opportunities to Share

  • Dual Wi-Fi module
  • Multiple screen-sharing methods
  • Reverse touch control

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MAXHUB Interactive Panel-Meeting Display

Interactive smart meeting display

Refine Meeting Efficiency

Integrating professional video conferencing, seamless screen sharing, advanced whiteboard technology, 

Plug and Play

A complete, seamless design fulfills every meeting requirement, including a built-in camera, mic, and touch panel touch panel.

See Every Detail in Ultra-HD

ultra-HD, 4K display, promising a professional-grade image quality.

Advanced, Intuitive Video Conferencing

Experience next-level video conferencing with a wide field of vision, and crystal-clear, amplified audio.

Exceptional Voice Clarity

  • 8 non-equidistant microphone arrays
  • Built-in AI noise reduction
  • 2.1 channel stereo sound
  • 2x10W+20W (subwoofer) seam speakers

Easy, Wireless Screen-sharing

  • Dual Wi-Fi module
  • Multiple screen-sharing methods
  • Reverse touch control

Efficient, Inspired Brainstorming Clarity

start the whiteboard with just one click and dive into creative, efficient brainstorming

Prioritizing Healthcare

Antibacterial glass, antibacterial passive styluses, and an antibacterial power button keeps you safe.


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