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Centralized System for Managing and Monitoring IT Infrastructure


Importance of IT Monitoring Infrastructure

IT infrastructure monitoring plays a crucial role in today’s technology-driven world. It serves as the proactive eyes and ears of an organization, ensuring the smooth functioning and optimal performance of its IT systems.

By constantly monitoring the infrastructure, businesses can detect and address issues promptly, minimizing downtime and its associated costs. Monitoring allows IT teams to gain valuable insights into the health and utilization of servers, networks, applications, and other critical components.

Furthermore, monitoring helps organizations meet compliance requirements, identify potential vulnerabilities, and optimize infrastructure performance to support business objectives. In summary, IT infrastructure monitoring is an essential practice that empowers organizations to maintain a robust and responsive technology environment, fostering productivity, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction.

IT Infrastructure Products and Services


End Point Detection and Response

Designed to enhance your organization’s overall security both internally and externally, our system provides continuous monitoring and prompt response to effectively mitigate cyber threats.


End Point Protection

Our cyber security solution is specifically designed to prioritize the detection and investigation of suspicious activities and traces that pose a threat to your company’s hosts and endpoints.

Host Intrusion Prevention System

HIPS, an installed software application, serves as a vigilant monitor for individual hosts, actively detecting suspicious activities and effectively preventing malware by closely monitoring the behavior of code.

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Email Security

Email Security Solution keeps your email protected from unidentified virus malware, phishing and blocks spam to prevent impersonation attacks.

Network Monitoring Solution

Our solution is  designed using a unique data model that effectively filters through overwhelming data floods. By swiftly identifying crucial factors, it enables your infrastructure to operate with enhanced efficiency.

Enterprise Management System

Our solution is specifically developed to monitor enterprises or organizations, providing convenient access to remote locations. It delivers enhanced value with minimal effort required.

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An Advanced Persistent Threat is a systematized cyberattack by a set of skilled and sophisticated threat actors which tends to involve multiple attack patterns and multiple access points.

Manager Of Managers

Our solution incorporates a pre-defined correlation tool that seamlessly integrates ITSM, network devices, ITAM, and third-party devices. It effectively correlates IT events and alert information across multiple tiers, enabling precise identification of the root cause of problems.

Network Intrusion Prevention System

NIPS (Network Intrusion Prevention System) diligently monitors the network for any malicious activity by detecting suspicious traffic patterns. It is installed within a network infrastructure with the primary objective of establishing secure zones to enhance corporate security.

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Patch Management

Patch management offers comprehensive insights into the when, where, what, and how of security patching and updates. It keeps you informed about software vulnerabilities that pose a risk to your infrastructure, allowing you to effectively mitigate those risks through risk reduction efforts.

File Integrity Monitoring System

This IT-based security process utilizes advanced technology to test and monitor operating system (OS), database, and application software files, ensuring their integrity and guarding against tampering or corruption.


Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a software, used to protect the sensitive data from being lost, misused or accessed by any unauthorized users.


Database Monitoring

Database Monitoring ensures round-the-clock user satisfaction by continuously assessing the availability, performance, and functionality of the database.

Core Knowledgebase

Created with IT knowledge base software, core knowledgebase is a technology used to store and distribute technical information, of the company, within the company.

Mobile Based Tracking System

To identify the location via a mobile phone, whether stationary or moving that can be used as an aid to increase the efficiency of the organization with proper utilization and management.


ATM Terminal Security

Our ATM Terminal Security solution is designed to align with various security concerns, policies, operating procedures, corporate IT standards, and regulations, ensuring comprehensive compliance.

ATM monitoring

Our solution empowers your organization with unparalleled visibility and control over secure ATM operations, fostering peace and stability within the banking industry.

Security Information and Event Management

Our real-time event data collection and correlation tool efficiently correlates, responds, and alerts to threats analyzed from the source of events, providing enhanced network security against attacks.

Multicast File Management

Our encryption system is specifically designed to securely, reliably, and efficiently transmit files over a wide area to multiple recipients simultaneously, utilizing a common key encryption method.

Antivirus with Total Security

Our unique solution is built to provide a multitude of features beyond basic antivirus capabilities. It effectively prevents, detects, and removes malicious software from your system, offering comprehensive protection.

Mobile Device Management

A security solution built with an intention to augment the functionality and increase the proficiency by securing mobile devices across networks and increase productivityA

Mobile Security

Our solution aims to prevent your mobile data from falling into the hands of hackers, safeguarding against unauthorized access to personal and banking information. By prioritizing data security, we mitigate the potential for future regrets and ensure peace of mind.

Customer Relationship Management

An application that involves building customer loyalty, brand value, and customer relationship by resulting in better customer service, increased revenues and improved customer experience.

My Fast Meet

Our video application and software serve a dual purpose: assisting businesses in expanding their audience and promoting inclusivity, while also fostering connections between people through virtual events in the cyberspace.

Full Hard Disk Encryption

Our mechanism solution employs the AES-256 algorithm to encrypt data stored on the hard disk, effectively preventing unauthorized individuals from decrypting the data without official consent or access to the authorized encryption keys.

AssetGrid – Asset Management Solution

AssetGrid, our highly efficient and effective asset management solution, streamlines the utilization of assets within organizational structures.  AssetGrid platforms are designed to automate workflows, approval matrices, notifications, ticket-based CMDB updating, and incorporate RPA and ML capabilities to minimize human errors. 


SalesEngine is a unique application specifically developed to support CRM activities for sales teams. Users can effortlessly log opportunities as they arise, capturing all relevant details in the system. The application provides flexible workflow capabilities, allowing users to efficiently manage opportunities from inception to completion. 

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