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A bot, short for “robot” or “web robot,” is a software program or script that performs automated tasks on the internet. Bots are designed to perform specific functions, such as data gathering, information retrieval, or repetitive tasks, without human intervention.

They can be programmed to interact with websites, apps, or other users, and are commonly used for purposes such as customer support, social media management, or web scraping.

Bots can range from simple programs with basic functionalities to sophisticated AI-powered systems capable of natural language processing and machine learning.

Our BOT Products

Automated instant Resolution of PC Issues Proactively

Prevent Issues from Escalating: Adopt a Proactive Approach to Workplace Support

The Tasky End User Support Automation platform revolutionizes IT support desks for enterprises by empowering them to eliminate and deflect support tickets at their origin and organizations can improve endpoint compliance, enhance the support experience, and enable users to self-service efficiently.

Reduce up to 60% End User tickets at the source

The end user interface of Tasky, along with its MS Teams connector, empowers users to take control of their IT support needs. By providing a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with MS Teams, Tasky enables users to independently perform various automations and self-help options. This self-service capability significantly reduces the dependency on IT teams, resulting in improved efficiency and a better support experience for all users.

Reduce up to 40% of manual remediation of non-compliant end points

The proactive self-heal engine of Tasky continuously monitors endpoints, resolving issues before they become noticeable to the user. If a machine deviates from the desired compliant state at any time, the bot instantly restores it back, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing disruptions for the user.


Existing Problems with IT

  • Every employee is familiar with the frustration that comes with the repetitive and manual process of resolving computer issues or waiting for support engineers to address them over phone calls.
  • In organizations across various industries, inefficient IT processes and the need for IT automations have become a common challenge. Desktop automation simplifies and streamlines repetitive or rule-based tasks, eliminating complexity, reducing costs, and minimizing effort.
  • In today’s highly digitized and fragmented business landscape, the efficiency of both workforces and workplaces is constantly tested.

Decreasing employee productivity

Inability to monitor end-user devices

Rising service desk tickets

Highly complex nature of work environment

How can we help?

Tasky, a workplace optimization and end-user enablement product, proactively addresses these challenges through unassisted automation. With its innovative self-healing capabilities, Tasky quickly identifies and resolves commonly occurring system and application issues. Additionally, Tasky automates device maintenance and diagnosis processes, streamlining operations and ensuring a more efficient and productive work environment.

The TaskyImpact Strengthen your enterprise IT.

Tasky, a workplace optimization and end-user enablement product, takes a proactive and efficient approach to address these issues. By identifying potential challenges in advance and taking swift action, Tasky ensures that problems are resolved before they impact productivity. With Tasky, organizations can optimize their workplace environment, enhance end-user experience, and foster a more productive and streamlined work environment.

Increase In Automated Remediation

Increase In CSAT

Reduction In Manual Intervention

Out-Of-The-Box Use Case


Employee Experience
Automating the resolution of commonly occurring issues can lead to lesser downtime which in turn would result in productivity savings for the employee as well as the business.

Cost Savings
Many organisations spend a significant amount of money on IT support due to a lack of automation. Automating the resolution of endpoint issues can significantly reduce the costs associated with manual efforts and frees up employees to focus on higher value tasks.

Higher Productivity
Automating the resolution of commonly occurring issues can lead to lesser downtime which in turn would result in productivity savings for the employee as well as the business.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the development of computer systems or machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.

AI enables machines to learn from data, adapt to new inputs, and carry out complex tasks. It involves various techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.

AI has diverse applications across industries, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and entertainment, and has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work by enabling machines to think, reason, and make decisions.