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the future of the industry with industry giants on Monday once again suffered a crash, while facing uncertainty. Monday sports industry giant price performance: Nike Inc. (NYSE:NKE) Nike group fell 2.44% to close at $53.61 Under Armour Inc. (NYSE:UAA) dema group fell 3.13% to close at $15.15 The Finish Line Inc. (NASDAQ:FINL) shares fell 10.17% to close at $9.89 Foot Locker Inc. (NYSE:FL) shares fell 7.45% to close at $31.82 Dick 's Sporting Goods Inc. (NYSE:DKS) fell 1.96% to close at $26.46 DSW Inc. (NYSE:DSW) fell 0.95% to close at $15.96 Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation (NASDAQ:BGFV) fell 0.67% to close at $7.45 Hibbett Sports Inc. (NASDAQ:HIBB) fell 0.46% to close at $10.85 Adidas AG (ADS) Adidas group stocks depositary shares also fell 0.79% to $221.90 Air Jardon series Nike poor sales avalanche voice from the investment bank report: on Friday, the largest U.S. sports Yungong supplies agents Foot Locker, leading to Inc. industry quarterly collective price fell Monday, the sports goods industry listed companies once again usher in a crash, it is because the investment bank reports, especially on Nike Inc. Jefferies double cut Nike group compared to the rating and target. Monday, Jefferies Nike Inc. Nike group's rating from "buy" down to "hold" at the same time, target price will be lowered from $75 to $65. Jefferies analyst Randal Konik wrote, the sports industry is still in the environment despite the wind, but Adidas AG (ADS.DE) Adidas group diluted the growth of other brands, although Nike Nike by strong innovation ability, but the short-term small sound around it. He also said that Nike Nike is still a solid industry's top brands, but there are five big data show that the U.S. group's growth and profit rate risk. Five 〉 Randal KonikAfter Star Wars and Vans Star Wars this summer's joint T-shirt, bring the hat and clothes, the same as for shoes, clothes, hats to collocation. Hawaii two is the continuation of the black and white hat Paisley stormtroopers and Yoda decline pattern, but the pattern is only attached to stormtroopers on the peak, and the flowers is the hat, and with special emphasis on the three stormtroopers, looks particularly cool. Two hat in the forehead with a leather hat marked on both sides of the joint. Sho Cheap air jordans for sale es, clothes, hats, almost all of the star wars are here now, just do not know whether China can buy socks and pack these two accessories. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogEvery detail of ad impressions, brands are showing the basic attitude of the customer. Adidas "2008 together, nothing is impossible" as the theme of the Olympic series of advertisements in the international advertising competitions in winning the prize to get soft. However, in China, to see how these ads make people think how strange. Yes, "along with the 2008", will star athletes and people who sought to combine scenes, very creative, be creative in the implementation of the whole, showing out of the picture people feel repressed - full of gray matter plane or video works. "Grey" has been the main colors LOGO Adidas, Adidas websites, stores, advertising works, or even store in a DM posters, all solemn black and gray, this style and from China Li Ning different. Li Ning, the Chinese people know better apparently ???????, its main color is red, no matter wherever Li Ning, the form in which to interact with the audience, is a brilliant red. Chinese people like red, red for sports, vibrant and assertive, more in line with the local aesthetic, customary international 4A advertising agency to make its advertising Adidas, apparently local Chinese aesthetics lack of basic knowledge. Compared to earlier Chinese gold rush Nike, Adidas localization lag far, this lag in addition to stores, sales and cognitive givers, more important is to understand the local customer and culture on. Nike is very smart, when it first entered China, but also attempt to maintain its consistent "white and black" conquer young Chinese, however, it soon found it did not work, so it adds red. Almost all sports in China selling brands, bold red. Of course, the color is just affect the brand business of a tiny detail, but it reflects the brand manager for market insights. Advertising as a key communication tool that shows every detail, revealing the brand basic attitude to customers. Never assume that what their creative advertising will discuss customer favor, advertising messages if you pass the wrong customer's appet Cheap jordans online ite, they will not hesitate to shield, which seems to shut down the phones to send text messages, as it has been shielded, regardless How tempting SMS (advertising performance), and regardless of how many text messages sent (advertising efforts), the result is zero. Creative another wonderful, advertising not sellers, what use is it? advertising is not to spend money to make your whimsical, ads must be responsible for the business. Advertisers can be whimsical, but certainly not out of business, otherwise the creative play also no good hype. But with the current status of the job advertising industry point of view, creative advertising is very common, but there are also sellers of advertising creative is less and less. The fundamental reason is that people have not done the vast majority of advertising sales, competition for customers and markets lack experience, have to compete for customers beyond the creation of fun and they can communicate with customers advertising, the result can only rely on some of the lack of real life experience The so-called "Insight" and whimsical try to figure out, this is too difficult to them. Even worse, it has the lack of combat experience of the advertising happens also in advertising about "specialization" of the processes, business with customers far away. Advertising creative staff is very dependent on the client portion of the bill of lading, the bill of lading, the Ministry of words accurately define the target audience, you want to point to communicate with the audience, hoping to achieve the objectives and requirements of advertisers creative, then creative people need to do, It is to play to their creativity, so advertising works and the audience to achieve the best communication results. But advertising works often baked truth is that creative people prefer office and coffee shop together "brainstorm" two or three days, do not want to go to the sales floor to see what happens, or customer to experience personally received sellers Feeling. They supposedly - to buy what people are people, how they buy, how to buy, why not buy, or the client portion of the bill of lading against the paper. Difficult to imagine, by a group of sales people who do not understand, in an inadequate way of communicating with the audi Cheap foamposites for sale ence on racking our brains created out of advertising works, there will be strong sellers capability. If the last created out of advertising works not sellers, and then the wonderful creative, execution out of the picture again pleasing effect, what is the use? no longer marketable goods advertising, put the more fierce, the greater the loss of business. Adidas creation of Olympic-themed ad campaign is the case, it initiates the purpose of the large-scale advertising campaign of very direct, that would like to use the Beijing Olympics to communicate with the younger generation of Chinese, to enhance the brand's influence on this population, so that more people know Adidas, but it achieve this aim it? "simple", "direct" sellers of advertising will never change is the iron law Adidas wish to return to the origin, from the perspective of a pair of sports shoes to buy an ordinary young man's question: Adidas advertising and Nike, Li Ning and Anta what is the difference? If this young man inadvertently touched Adidas indirect advertising, he would seriously look at it, was able to understand it? If he can accept, I do not resent that suppressed black and gray, he will know what Adidas, Adidas think it really, because this ad inspire national pride, while the Adidas awe, and then love and buy Adidas sports shoes? so vague expression, turning corners so much logic to deduce the reason to buy is advertising wishful vision. Audiences never have this kind of logic, they will not see a serious and interesting taste to each advertisement. If the ad is not captured in the first seconds of their attention and not let them in three seconds smile, then this ad is a failure - do not be too vague and too zigzag for creative performance. "Simple", "direct" sellers of advertising is never change the iron rule, only on the basis of these two points, go to the pursuit of pleasure and feel creative expression, is the best way to create advertising works. Creation Adidas Olympic-themed ad campaign of the company, with the creation of the Nike "terrorist fighters," McDonald's "kneel advertising," Nippon "dragon slide," and Toyota "overbearing advertising" and other seemingly "excellence" of advertising works advertising companies, both from the international 4A advertising cheap foamposites company. By a group accustomed to lofty "down" customer without communicating with customers in advertising creative advertising work, the effect is not very good, because people have these ads on creative geeks, but they apparently do not understand the business, at least not in the know China how to do business. Fortunately, people do spend money to test these ads are a group of rich and powerful multinational brand, if it is a fledgling SMEs, so toss it a few erupted estimated half dead. However, where multinational brands, there are some in China operating advertising more successful, such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate, etc. processes and systems, "manufacturing" sellers of advertising can not In Procter & Gamble, any advertising must be released through the creation of a complete inspection process, each process has a test, only the standard of advertising in order to get the media placement. This process may take longer cycle, advertising launch of slow, but at least to ensure that there will be no deviation from the target of a fatal error, because once you have a fatal error, a large-scale advertising losses even greater. Procter & Gamble plans and time on the overall project control is very strong, very rhythmic, often launched an advertising immediately after the preparatory next ad, although missing some flexibility to respond quickly to market conditions, but in the relatively mature Day chemical industry, this methodical planning and control is often very effective. complete process thorough quality control for P & G advertising played a big role, but even so, Procter & Gamble also has advertising mistakes, and mistakes more than once, such as Yun Yan, such as Zest. Rely on processes and systems, the seemingly "excellence" creative advertising shut out, is very naive. System is dead, people are living, the system will not only guarantee things wrong, but only people can make to make things better. However, do not let a group of employees to the business center with a group of no business competition concept cooperation creative advertising people out of advertising, it is not lethal. Many local companies are learning Procter & Gamble, in the early advertising creative process, middle and later, some of the internal staff and cons Retro jordans for sale umers together advertising test, the effect can last advertising is still poor. Although managers can sellers want creative advertising, but to instill sellers of business thinking to every employee, especially the implementation of a subsidiary body of advertising, with the current processes, systems and incentives to see, you can not find a fundamental solution Road. let the organization is full of "Wolf", to let everyone in the organization to become "wolf." Let your ads sellers, the best is only one way, it is necessary to attract more sellers in frontline sales staff into the planning system, or allow the company planners sink to the existing line market to sellers, standing or write on the counter next to the shelf planning case. Everything from "people" to start to solve the problem, than to start from the process and the system is much faster, which is to solve a lot of marketing gotcha-tested tips. is the essence of the business of advertising, and advertising-related "insights" are based on a business basis. advertising is not romantic, but not abstract, advertising is naked sellers marketing tools. A direct industry was somewhat boring, why it attracts numerous advertising man around the clock, because it is always looking for the best selling point to impress customers, and struggled with the best way to show a selling point, this "clever" Jin positive advertising creative fun. Business is always very boring very commercial, but it is the essence of advertising. So far, all the experience we have seen the success of advertising, are deployed around the business. For example, the concept of integrated communication Schultz in the use of the advertising industry, cite a simple example, any one of the brand's advertising should have a strong memory point and this memory point will run through all of the brand's advertising through different forms, at different stages, different regions of a variety of advertising, always continue this unique memory point, let it become a brand mark. This is the reason why the major brands can be in use for decades, has become an important principle guiding the development of brand advertising, because it is consistent with the basic principle business. Intel at the end of all advertising will be sounded its Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale background sound, Absolut print ads are all with its unique bottle shape for the creative point, the United States bring its lovely beauty will bear on all occasions, are the most highlights The ad continues the case. on the continuation and integration of communication is of great benefit, it can in the shortest possible time with the fastest speed so that the audience in retrospect. After the early advertising for the brand image accumulation reaches a certain level, the latter only needs to extend the memory point, you can let the audience collusion from the same advertising effect. Does not require much of seconds, without much of a forum, only proper wake, the objective will be able to achieve the best advertising effectiveness of advertising with the lowest cost, and with the continuation of a coherent advertising constantly down effect add up the cost will be more low, the effect will be getting better and better, and this result is not what all of the advertising business to pursue it?The European Commission in the short term amendments to China's footwear products, 16.5% of the anti-dumping tax rate has been very unlikely. The industry generally believes that the EU anti-dumping measures will enable the 101st Canton Fair in April 15, 2007 began to lose orders for European shoes once again affected. To this end, the shoe-making enterprises began to transfer the export areas and other ways to reduce the impact of enterprises. in April 10, 2007, "China EU shoe anti-dumping deal with alliance secretary general, Wanbang shoes company spokesman Guo Weiwen said, Chinese 5 shoe-making enterprises to the European Court of the European Commission has been in the past 4 months, has not yet received any reply to the European Court of justice. The court's proceedings are slow and it is difficult to make new breakthroughs in the near future. The alliance is trying to change the status quo by other means. many to the 101st session of the Canton Fair exhibitors footwear enterprises reflect, mainly by improving the product quality and increase the single)Source: Author: Click: second, last week, the RMB exchange rate staged 5 days, 4 "approaching limit", China's central bank cut interest rates news has been crazy on the network for two weeks. But in the pa Cheap foamposites for sale st January, has about 10 countries have introduced a new monetary policy, the global currency of major countries with these "sudden" news rapid competitive... last week, the RMB exchange rate at 5 days 4 "approaching the limit", the central bank cut the news Chinese has been crazy pass for two weeks on the network. and in the past January, has about 10 countries have introduced a new monetary policy, the global currency of major countries with these "sudden" news rapid competitive low to very careful. chaos. When the money printing machine starts the sound, one after another, the depreciation, or does not devalue, each has the thrilling anxiety and the lucky pursue. Is the back of the chaos the black hole of the global recession, or the dark before dawn? Who can not jump to conclusions. RMB 5 days 4 times approaching limit the world's major currencies competing devaluation; the past week is unforgettable. RMB spot exchange rate against the U.S. dollar in the 5 trading days, there have been 4 times "approaching limit."". The word "slump" is seen in newspapers and the market becomes nervous. the continuous fall of nearly 2% limit lines, the first time since the yuan exchange rate reform, looks like this is undoubtedly a slump. However, many economists believe that the dollar is too strong is the main reason, "the yuan is still very stable."". in fact, the fall in the exchange rate in January was not a patent for the renminbi. The currencies of the world's major currencies, including the euro, the Canadian dollar, and the yen, are in a state of devaluation. And all these come from sudden monetary policies in these countries and regions. with the euro as an example, the European version of QE after the introduction of the policy, the euro once devaluation, followed by Greece's election results, is to let the euro dollar exchange rate fell to 1.10 of the nearly 11 year low. More Deutsche Bank economists expect the euro to fall to 1 - 1 against the dollar, which means the euro and the dollar will become equivalent currencies. Since last year, the euro has depreciated against the dollar by more than 30%. every week a new monetary policy suddenly appeared tired economist mechanism;; "constantly on the run." UOB, a senior economist at Dahua bank, described his January feeling with a wry smile. "This month, every week, national or regional central banks introduce new monetary policies, and they generally appear without warning."." ., 89 year old Bob Hayes from the American state of Montana Aiwawo, 89 year old this year, has been his, an identity is the ultimate marathon runners. During his long life, running accounted for 29 years, from the age of 60 began to get involved in this campaign so far, Hayes addicted. Recently, American filmmakers spent 17 months filming record of Hayes's life, the documentary clips "THE HARD WAY" to be published. at the age of 89 to run super marathon, this behavior itself is surprising. In the process of survival in the wild, Hayes had to complete their own firewood, jungle, medication and other things. He is a lover of calligraphy, is a famous local ranks the dance king. Now he has a heavy identity, that is, the film star. Last week, filmmaker Eric Peterson and Jeremy - Ruhr GIO launched a this upcoming film the four minute trailer, difficult course, 90 year old super marathon runners, the film will in Bozeman Film Festival premiere. The producers want a piece can be completed before June, then they also issued a notice of 10-12 minutes and long version of the 30 minute trailer. maple cattle wood write Hayes on average every year to participate in 30 games, a conservative estimate, he has now participated in the 100-125 marathon and the super marathon race, the size of the event has accumulated more than 600 games. Before he was 60 years old, the Internet is not popular, when he wanted to sign up to participate in the game, he had to go there, or to his son for his online registration. Career, Hayes worked for many years in the timber company, he also felt that the secret of his longevity: "I have never run before the age of 60, but now my muscles and tendons are very healthy. My physical condition is very good. I have been working very hard to love, I really feel very good travel over land and water. I hate driving and car, I love adventure." The three children of Hayes are involved in running, but to persuade them to accept their old father in the marathon limit, or take some time. "They discouraged me constantly, but I will tell them, I have to make full warm-up. They I was finally persuaded to allow me to take part in the competition, it is 1986, I was fascinated by the sport, and then I took a, then third times, tenth times, I kept playing." in March 6th this year, Hayes has just participated in Montana, held the five km race, then he also plans to participate in several small game station. In June 18th, Hayes plans to attend the Grand Cape Mount Scenic trail running wild herbs and, in that event the mileage is 30 kilometers. Next.Converse's classic shoes Weapon recently with the CONS series of formal regression. This double in the last century in 80s shook the moment the shoes are special boots when the famous star Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, has been more than 20 years of history, not only makes the Sneakerhead impressed, but also brand after Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell, another pair of shoes is very important. The new version of Weapon than the old version much lither, upper perforation design makes the shoes more ventilation, as the tongue also after re design, with the application of memory foam and padding, bring a new experience for use in. In appearance, the designer in the new version of Weapon added a plurality of flags, more emphasis on brand image. This series will be 8 21 September through Converse designated retailers shelves. converse-2014-fall-cons-weapon-11.jpg (54.01 KB, download number: 0) download Converse CONS Weapon new 2014-8-20 11:27 upload converse-2014-fall-cons-weapon-3.jpg (54.58 KB, download number: 0) download Converse CONS Weapon new 2014-8-20 12:00 upload converse-2014-fall-cons-weapon-4.jpg (75.53 KB, download number: 0) download Converse CONS Weapon new 2014-8-20 12:00 upload converse-2014-fall-cons-weapon-2.jpg (52.15 KB, download number: 0) download Converse CONS Weapon new 2014-8-20 12:00 upload converse-2014-fall-cons-weapon-5.jpg (35.07 KB, download number: 0) download The world famous industrial designer Charles and Ray Eames couple in the industry has been heard, and recently Ora-Ï to Concept from Eames; leisure chair classic inspiration, designed a concept of sneakers for Nike. This design is to take the Eames Lounge was born in 1956 670 seats, with black shoes with GORE-TEX materials form wood material, finally equipped with nylon straps and shoe body thin rubber sole show. the-eames-inspired-nikes-by-ora-ito-concept-11.jpg (38.13 KB, download number: 0) download The concept of Nike shoes 2014-8-24 12:41 Nike upload, the concept of shoes 00??????honesty bracelets prices Great Ideas Sunny Summer Projects Lanterns Luau Decorations and Homemade balenciaga sunday I see these tables in thrift stores all the time This would be an awesome weekend project There s no place like HOME Ottomans Coffee Tables bracelets prices Great Ideas Sunny Summe" /〉 cheap wholesale shoes in usa Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations Tissue Flowers Luau Party Decorations and Luau Birthday asics running shoes price philippines Rustic decor is cheap readily available and easy to create Check out these DIY easy rustic decor ideas Easy Rustic Decor Ideas You ll Love Pinteres honesty bracelets prices Great Ideas Sunny Summer Projects Lanterns Luau Decorations and Homemade CLOT X Vapormax recently released, although the release process of striking one snag after another but the sentiment is still not low. From Edison endorsements, brings a strong visual impact, CLOT X Vapormax this pair of red Sao's DJ SODA couldn't help on foot, legs with big red Vapormax, good-looking? at the same time, today ( July 28th), the double x NikeLab AIr super eye-catching CLOT VaporMax has officially landed in Japan, will be available through the NikeLab channel, price of 22680 yen. Item: AA2241-006 is not only CLOT X Vapormax, DJ SODA is very preferred to vapormax, recently several feet up, maybe because these shoes will show leg length? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! this pair is called the special edition of air huarache "tech FLEECE" still is huarache family's recent change of, which preserves the air huarache traditional modeling and elements, and deliberately will exchange the vamp material for wool fabrics, and select the obvious casual style of dark gray color layout, bring a new experience; there is no available information release, please attention when customer follow-up report. Source: sneakerfreaker