Payroll automation

Payroll automation refers to the use of computers to produce paychecks and manage benefit payments for a company or community. Xedos payroll automation is integrated into the company’s enterprise resource planning system that provides an overall view of the company’s or community’s finances; in addition to payroll, it can manage customer relationships, production, personnel resources, invoicing and accounting.

Benefits of Our Service

Xedos payroll can save staff time, money and use the best payroll solution for your business.

Easy acess – No more “store forward” and overlapping data entry. If you can access a web-browser, you can do your payroll, anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy the ease and cost-effectiveness of operating in a real time, web or PC environment.

Increased Efficiency in the Payroll Process.

Secure Access to Payroll Information .

Employee Access Through an Online Portal & Direct Deposit.